Spring Padding - RenKoil

Three Outstanding Features:


  • 20-40% Speed-up in Ironing
    The RenKoil Spring Pad increases ironing speed by 20-40% compared with conventional ironing pads, depending on model.  Being made entirely of metal, it has excellent heat conductivity and the spaces between its spring coils allow for complete circulation of steam, thereby achieving quicker drying of flatwork.

  • Splendid Finishing
    It can achieve excellent gloss finishing.  Unlike conventional pads, it eliminates permanent strain of work due to heat and always gives full-caliper sizes.  It also eliminates hollow spots and provides the same high-quality ironing for both thick materials, such as pillowcases, and thin materials, such as bed sheets, thus virtually eliminating the problem of costly re-ironing.

  • Great Saving in Running Cost
    Incorporating galvanized, high-quality steel spring wires ensures long ironing without requiring periodic pad replacement (unlike conventional pads), achieving drastic savings in material and labour costs.  Stainless steel spring is also available upon request.