Spring Padding - Max-Press


Two features in one!
Max-Press is like laminated springs when viewed from above, and like coil springs when viewed from the side.

  • Easy replacement of the felt cover

  • Entire surface can be used, as there is no horizontal dislocation

  • Coil spring remains in place with no movement and dislocation

  • Base band will not move or dislocate with maximum tension

  • Full automatic Hi-Tech manufacturing process results in competitive prices

  • Available in stainless steel and galvanized versions

Easy Replacement of Felt Cover
With conventional coil springs, special skills are necessary to secure the felt cover. Such inconvenience has been solved with Max-Press!
As with laminated springs, Max-Press has "claws" on the surface of the coil spring. As a results, no specials skills or training are necessary to replace the felt cover.

Entire Surface can be used as there is no horizontal dislocation
With Max-Press the convex sections of the base band and the coil are on the same line. With a traditional coil spring, when tension in the direction of the rotation of the felt cover is converted to compression in the lateral direction, each row in the strip moves closer together to become embedded in the adjacent strip line's concave sections.

This phenomenon occurs on the entire surface of the roller with the exception of the start end of the roller to which the coils are fastened.

Therefore, there are no coil springs from 100 to 200 mm towards the opposite end of the roller.
In order to utilize the entire surface of the roller, it was necessary to wind additional springs around this area. The Max-Press avoids this problem through placing the convex coil sections at the bottom and base band's convex sections at the same time.

Coil Spring remains in place with no movement or dislocation
Traditionally, coil springs were hooked carelessly to the coil itself with T pins or wire in order to secure the felt cover. Stress, therefore, was concentrated in one location resulting in the dislocation of several coils which then bunch together. The result was torn felt covers and an uneven finish on the linen.


Max-Press avoids these problems. As shown in picture (R), the specially shaped projections on the base band holds each coil spring in place, preventing movement and dislocation of the coil springs.


Base Band will not move or dislocate with maximum tension.

Max-Press has a perforated base band. A special winding instrument can utilize these perforations and tightly wind Max-Press around the roller to achieve maximum tension. 
No dislocation or movement of coils will result, thus eliminating maintenance for long periods.