Standard Slings


  • With a Square or Rectangular Body, rope in Channel to gather bottom and a closure.

  • With Lift Handles, 'O' Ring Post Pinions OR both. 

  • For Circular, Rectangular or Square frame tops (without handles). 

  • With an Outside 'O' Ring Bottom Rope Gathering. 

Quick Release Slings

  • With a Square OR Rectangular Body, diaper-style bottom, with Quick Release, Parachute Style Release Hardware. 


Siamese Slings


  • Two slings, joined for a single lift and unloading.

  • With two bottom openings, shape can be square or rectangular, rope in channel to gather bottom.

  • With Quick Release Closure or outside rope. 

Self-Dumping Slings

  • Sample required for quotation and fabrication.

Handle Options


  • Reinforced (double loop) 

  • Ladder (bar tacked at specified intervals)

  • 'O' Rings (plastic, stainless)


Specifications & Supplies 


  • Standard Weave, Coated OR Ventilated Fabric 


Fabric Weights


  • 1000d, 600d, 420d




  • White, Royal Blue, Navy, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, or Red


ALL Sling Hardware, Ropes and Closure replacements are available