The Cramer family started a laundry in 1932 in London, Ontario, Canada. Family members performed all production and maintenance functions, as well as management.


By 1970, the company grew to operate 5 plants with over 200 employees.

One family member started the Cramer Company, supplying textiles for Flatwork Ironers and Folders and installation expertise, in 1978. Regionally, there were sufficient laundry plants with finishing equipment to make a business. However, with the advent of healthcare shared facilities, growth of large laundry and linen rental companies, and closing of many small laundries, the company expanded its market to both coasts of Canada. Starting in 1986, the company had customers in all urban centers of central and western Canada. By 1993, in all 10 provinces.


1994 brought expansion into border states of the United States. Cramer Company now counts customers in twenty states.


Few vendors to the laundering industry have the experience and technical knowledge these many years give the Cramer Company.

Supplies and materials are sourced internationally, from Europe and Asia, as well as North America. OEM or better materials provide proper performance.


Fabrication facilities are state of the art. The many types and widths of belts can be finished to +/- 1 mm tolerances.


A large inventory of all textile specialties for flatwork finishing equipment means that all makes and models in existence can be accommodated quickly. All efforts are made to ship purchases within 48 hours of order to customers who now include Uniform Rental and Dust Control companies.


In our opinion, the values of a small town, with world reaching technology and materials are the key components in our company's existence.


We thank our existing customers and welcome new ones