We've got all of your bag needs covered. 

Mesh bags offer a number of benefits:

  • Contained items can be washed dyed, and dried without mixing. 

  • Separates items in washing and drying process (small articles from large; linens for repair from regular linen; personal items now do not need to be identified individually; specialty items) 

  • Mesh fabric allows for identification of contents. 

  • Strong, merrow seams offers long-life

  • Mouth is closed with brass pins or cord & closure.

Soiled Laundry or Linen Collection and Separation Bags 

  • Available in fabrics offering washability, dry-ability, durability and protection. 

  • Durable, nylon fabrics.

  • Standard size; 30" x 40", which fits perfectly over bag stands. 

  • With cord and closure and inside and outside carrying and dumping handles.